That place where love lives

I couldn’t get up fast enough this morning to start writing because a story line has been percolating inside me for some time.  It also conveniently ties into the message from the Course of Miracles today which was, The job of Spirit is to literally heal our faulty perceptions in such a way as to allow true forgiveness to take place.

Today my story line is about the issue of abuse, its cause and effect.  In and around our world we can find daily examples of abuse, both physical and emotional, it is a part of our human condition. I have said things, been mean etc. to my kids, wife, employees, parents, friends etc.  While that has not resulted in any physical hurt or injury, its emotional abuse still leaves scars.  Those scars I carry with me and keep me aware of what I am capable of, and conversely what I do not want to be or represent in the world.  I also believe our behavior leaves scars on those we love and care for.  While I have done my share of scarring others, I also have been scarred, by parents, friends, family etc.  It is part of the human condition, which you’ll find is most often connected to frustration, anger and poor self esteem to name a few.

Every day as we go out in the world we get to choose how we want to live in the world. The message in today’s Course of Miracles reminds me again.  The job of spirit is to literally heal our faulty perceptions and allow for true forgiveness. This needs to be our full time job.

When the human condition presents chaos and abusive conditions and behaviors, we can still have inner peace and maintain a sense of calm in a sea of unrest. Turning inward to Spirit (away from the human condition) we can become whole again, and heal our faulty perceptions in such a way as to allow true forgiveness to take place. I find that in times of chaos, abuse and confusion, I’m able to find that part of myself that knows how to cope, and how to be a light to others in the storm.

That place where love loves.

“Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “That place where love lives”

  1. Beautiful! Our spirit can never be hurt or compromised. The course states this very clearly indeed!
    Love is our true and only reality.
    About the world:
    The world is just a useful mirror to show us in physical form what our errors are on the level of thought. Thus the world is an important and valuable part of our awakening. It has NO reality. It is part of the dream and goes away as our errors go away. Hence, we do not need to fight or correct or heal the world. We just need to correct our thinking.

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