Lately, I’ve been getting mean

Lately, I’ve been getting mean. Making mean remarks on facebook posts, mean to my wife and generally irritable. Last night it was over chicken and the way it was cut for my salad (that kind of mean). I’m allowing my empathic and loving nature to be controlled by my environment. I woke up this morning realizing that while I find this whole virus crisis a challenge, the uncertainty of where it is going and how we will return to our new normal is getting me down. I have alway struggled with uncertainty. My need or desire for control has little understanding or patience for uncertainty. Yet, here we are. Day by day, moment by moment inundated by the possibilities.

My good friend Chris and I discussed this just the other day. He has been “enjoying” loves miracles in his daily life by being present in the moment, wherever he is, and whenever it is. You might say he is experiencing what living in the moment really looks and feels like. There are all these beautiful stories of things happening, moving in and out of his reality. He is full of awe and wonder, loving each and everyone who comes in contact with him. He is a willing and gracious participant, his only concern, love and staying present. He lives in Joy.

In my book “Living and Dying” I write about a two week time where I experienced pure Joy in my life. My story and his are identical. During this time I did only one thing, Love everyone and everything that took place in my life, moment by moment. Whether it was at work, in the grocery store, I lived in pure Joy.

The message in this brief post, is one of love and hope (even when I’m mean, I’m full of love and hope, its just not present). If we can take each moment and be willing to be loving, gracious and compassionate we too will live in a place of Joy. It is a journey not to be missed, it is our journey and why we are here.

“Blessings on your journey”

3 thoughts on “Lately, I’ve been getting mean”

  1. Haha, good that you can recognize that meanness!!. Once you put a light on it and ask the Holy spirit to take it away, it will go away!! We are so blessed to have life partners that are also committed to truth, so that they can remind us when we wander off the path!!
    The light that you shine on your friend’s path is how he will look at you as well!! This is from today’s ACIM text. You are a blessing to each other, and bring light to each other’s path. We cannot do this ( the awakening)alone. We need brothers and sisters to shed light on our path!
    You are pure love!! Happy Easter!!

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  2. Mark, we are humans and that is one of our emotions. Fortunately we are not robots. So, it is over and now you can move on to other human emotions. One thing that has helped me through this is to think how fortunate I am to have a home and food and that I have little physical pain. I certainly miss my family and am worried for some that work in health care, but I try to push that to the back of my mind. We just have to keep working on it until this is over and we come out the other end as a stronger person. Thank you for sharing.

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