Hit the wrong button !!!!!!!!!*******

You know when you sit down and write this beautiful letter, post, business article, or blog, and you hit the wrong button and it all disappears??

When all your thoughts were perfectly aligned, and in fact the whole written piece was just brilliant? And then POOF!! It’s gone and you can’t get it back because in your frustration, and between the screaming obsentities to the world around you, you hit the wrong refresh button and the whole program shuts down and resets?

Well guess what, that just happened to me, and I don’t have the energy to try and recreate that beauty. In fact my demeanor right now is not beautiful at all, and I don’t feel like it!!

So, I instead, I’ll just have to reconnect with my internal beauty and navigate back to the perfection and love that I really am. I’ll have to find a way, just like yesterday and the day before, and the week before that, and the month before that, you get the idea. It is the way of our human existence and it seems that, that is what I was to write about today anyway. Love ya

“Blessings on your journey”


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