Happiness vs. Joy

What’s the distinction between joy and happiness? Happiness shows up when you win the game, get an “A”, or win the lottery, and then it goes away. Joy is something more underlying. You ask, how do I have, or get happiness on a day to day basis? You don’t. The things we do day to day, we will not necessarily enjoy, but the bigger question is, do we have a sense that they’re apart of something bigger? That’s where the value of joy comes from. You don’t have to like everyday, but you do get to love everyday, You don’t have to like your children everyday, but you love your children everyday. We create this unrealistic expectation that everything in our day, or everything at work, or everything in our relationships, has to be amazing. It’s an unfair standard to put on a human being.

Sometimes, it’s us creating the unhappiness everyday. We make ourselves victims because of the narrative we create. Yet we have the power to change our narrative. You may have noticed that some people hate each other because of their narratives. If you hate all the people not like you, it can be the most wonderful opportunity in the world. You can continue to hate all these people, OR, you can choose to listen and try to understand what their motivations are and understand what they care about. I bet you’ll discover that their core values are the same as yours. Some of its narrative, some of its perspective.

Don’t seek happiness. The happiness will happen here and there. Seek Joy, and that comes from relationships and belonging and cause.

Joy, the final frontier!!

“Blessing on your journey”


3 thoughts on “Happiness vs. Joy”

  1. Mark you are a ” Joy ” thank you for a awesome explanation and reasoning, very insightful. May I have permission to repost this article please. Again keep up the good work.

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