Here is my gift to you

With all the powerfully negative energy surrounding us these days , it’s of paramount importance as to how we navigate our journey through. If we embrace and hold this energy as real we will enter its discord, anxiety, struggle, pain and fear, we will perpetuate and allow for it to control us and those around us. Our very state of being allows us to fall or hopefully rise above all of this. While it may feel very real and may look very real, “our response/reaction” is what is controlling us and causing our discord, uncertainty and struggle, or conversely peace. We are the creator!!!

If you are feeling anxiety, fear, discord, FEAR you are not alone. While I have written about this before, Here is my gift to you today.

Neutrality – the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartiality.

This morning I woke up with the concept of neutrality front of mind. I thought it odd to have this word being expressed to me so clearly, but, I sense it has something to do with my being a good observer. When I’m actively being an “observer” (which I do well), I am not supporting any side in conflict, I am neutral, I do not have a dog in the fight. And, even though I still have my own opinion, i am not perpetuating the fight, the struggle, the scrum. As you may know, this can be a challenge at times. If I can remain In that neutral place, I will have no negative feelings or discomfort while still seeing the conflict clearly. Ultimately, all of this will pass in time but it takes practice (do the time please!!!).

Bottom line, If we don’t “support the conflict” we don’t feed the beast (the ego) which allows the conflict to settle or dissipate within us, potentially ending or at least calming the struggle. This simple yet powerful effort allows for all of the negative energy and conflict to pass through and away. It will literally dissipate until it raises its ugly head again, which it does (that’s life by the way). Unfortunately at this time in life we are being asked to assist in a transition of consciousness not seen before. These times are part of a universal change, a growth of spirit and we need to allow for it. We need to embrace each other with all of our warts and differences. We indeed are all in it together and we need your help.

Neutrality – the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict.  Isn’t that love?

“Blessings on your journey”

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