The world you look at is changing

This morning, I was commenting on a friends post that reminded me of some great quotes by Wayne Dyer.  The one I’m most attracted to today is the “When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes”  and coming in a close second is “Nothing in the world today existed, until it was first imagined”  Both of these quotes speak to the power of our thoughts, beliefs and imagination.

With all the disruption brought on by a global pandemic, our thoughts, beliefs and imagination are being bombarded and challenged daily.  We are kept abreast of the growing numbers of deaths in the US and globally, fed concerns for ways in which to treat patients and lately, discussions on what to do if we reach a point where we need to choose who gets treatment and who is set aside to die.

My intent is not to instill more fear into the world today, but to suggest we consider something else.  I will not preach or suggest you do or say anything, yet, I would love it, if you would take the two quotes above and carry them with you for a while.

“Blessings on your journey”


Our spiritual teachers and leaders have long pointed to the notion that every single thing is an integral part of the perfection that is… life.

This won’t ever stop. Life won’t ever stop asking for more through us. So we may as well just relax into our roles, right? Stop stressing about it so much.

Maybe then we could just put one foot in front of the other and engage with life knowing this isn’t some urgent race towards a finish line, but rather a surrendering to a divine tug that pulls us towards the next step of our unfoldment in this ever-expanding universe.

We hold the keys.

”Blessings on your journey”

Bring it!

Folks, in case you were wondering, we’re all in this together.  Listen, wonder and bring it!!

Our fates are tied. We have this strange notion on this planet that our fates are not tied. If it were not so we would not be here together. It’s that simple.   LUISAH TEISH

”Blessings on your journey”

From a friend

I have always found early spring signs, the omens of continuing life, to be thrilling, core awakening, and peaceful.
My optimism in early spring is always nourished.

This year too, in the midst of this centuries first new challenge, there are signs of emerging brightness. We just have to look around to see the sprouting of hopeful little buds that will grow into sustaining life. Hope is nourished.

And here are some of the sprouts that are emerging as we watch the world shake from winter’s slumber and put forth a concerted effort to heal and sustain:

US Researchers Deliver First COVID-19 Vaccine to Volunteers in Experimental Test Program

Distilleries Across the United States Are Making Their Own Hand Sanitizers to Give Away for Free

Air Pollution Plummets in Cities With High Rates of Quarantine

Johns Hopkins Researcher Says That Antibodies From Recovered COVID Patients Could Help Protect People At Risk

South Korean Outbreak Finally Abating as Recoveries Outnumber New Infections for Three Days in a Row

China Celebrates Several Milestones of Recovery After Temporary Hospitals Close and Parks Reopen

Australian Researchers Testing Two Drugs as Potential ‘Cures’ for the Virus

Uber Eats is Supporting the North American Restaurant Industry By Waiving Delivery Fees for 100,000 Restaurants

Dutch and Canadian Researchers Are Reporting Additional Breakthrough Research on Treating the Virus

The world has been shocked and momentarily stunned. Yet, the signs of a gathering together and working across boundaries for the common good, are growing.

There are clouds that are still heading this way but there are also signs of an international response.

“Blessings on your journey”