Blessed by joy!

Today, my son and his girlfriend have made a decision to co-create.  To create an experience together as a couple, bringing forth the realities and truths that come from them as a couple in this world.  I could not be happier.  Many of us have  had the opportunity to enter into a commitment to live, love and create together in this world.  Many of us have succeeded in this commitment and others have not.  It is my sincere desire to hold space for them in my life, hold space for their success and their failures, knowing that there will be both.  Hold space for their good intention and hold space for their love for each other.  It is easy to waiver, it is easy to avoid and ignore and it is easy to create excuses for behaviors.  I know this because, I have have done them all in my lifetime.

Today, I committ to supporting, loving and holding space for the two of them, and the others that will come into our world with this union.  I am taken by the enchantment and the excitement of this moment.  And, I am taken by the JOY!

Joy is God’s blessing!!  Today we are blessed, blessed by Joy.

”Blessings on your journey”

God goes on parade!

Some days I wake up with a message from a dream, some days a feeling and some days a headline.  Today it was the headline “God goes on parade”.  During my meditation I thought what the heck do I do with this?? What does this mean?  I wrote this post in my head at least five different ways.  One way was just say “God goes on parade” and let you figure out what that means 😎  the other way was to give some explanation or share my view point of what it means to me.  This should be good, as I never really know what I’m going to write until I do.

Many of you have heard, “everybody loves a parade”, or that’s what they say.  I have a hard time with parades because I came hard wired to direct things and keep people safe.  Whenever I see large groups of people gathered together I struggle with the logistics of who goes where, what’s the parade route, where are the escape routes, where’s the best place to park and to sit, what’s the timing of it and how do I get out of here after!!! etc…etc…..etc….. Others just enjoy being there and enjoy the excitement of the participants and the crowd, in fact they could sit anywhere 😳  We all have hard wiring that makes us different.  It has been one of my greatest discoveries about co-creation, to learn we all have a part to play, we’re in it together, and no one is more important than the other.  Without our differences there would be no creation and the parade would be very boring!!  Our differences are our greatest gifts in co-creation.

Who would have thought that a parade would be a great example of co-creation.  A parade can represent hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people coming together experiencing life from different positions, view points and angles.  Like our daily lives, we wake up with a plan for our day, a parade route we will take.  We dress or put on our costume.  We enter the parade route, or the best parade viewing location and begin our day.  During our daily parade many people with different viewing positions and viewpoints will be witnessing our journey along the route and reacting with sincere joy and excitement or struggling with the thought of how do I get the hell out of here, amongst many other experiences.  This is life.

The main story behind “God goes on parade” is, God meant parades to be fun, to bring out the child in each of us, to bring us all together and infuse joy in our lives all while co-creating and celebrating our differences.

”Blessings on your journey”

Play time

For the past few days I have been co-creating with the universe.  I have been starting new business ventures and speaking and coaching ventures, building things, organizing things, buying things, spending time with friends, and holding space for a number of other things.  While I have always been a co-creator in the universe, it is with a new intention and direction of heart and thought that I am doing it now.  The  best part for me has been the lack of judgment, concern, and need for seeing a certain or specific outcome.  There is a new freedom and excitement in this, a new evolution of experience and a new vision of our world.  I can only hope you might give it a try!!!  We’re all in this together and its play time!!!

I have recently made it possible for you to share my posts on facebook etc.                                                                          through my website.   Please feel free to do so and to contact me with your success stories!!

“Blessings on your journey”



Co-creating day three.  Co-creating is like listening to the radio, you realize that you are listening to a channel, your channel, yet continue to recognize that there are many other channels playing out there.  While you do not have to tune in to the other channels you have the option to play with them whenever you’re moved to.

The key to co-creating is recognizing and being “willing” to hear these other channels.  They are always playing (like your channel), and they offer different energy pathways that move and grove to different beats that may challenge you.  While it seems easier to keep it on your one channel, the universe is challenging you, reaching out and calling you to hear what is being played.  No intention (no pressure) to make anything happen or expect anything, just play!!!

”Blessings on your journey”



Creating vs wondering and waiting! As I sit here writing I am creating, and as you sit there reading, we are co-creating.  Co-creating is my new reality, an interaction and moving energetic taking us on an adventure from place to place.  Yesterday as I drove around and did what I do, I realized that while my creating might be the center of my universe, it is not a much needed higher reality.  This higher reality is my creative universe connecting and co-creating with yours!!  We do it every minute of every day but often we only see our part in it, we stop and wait for those we connect with to agree or fall in line with our thinking (wondering and waiting).

As I navigated the day yesterday, I noticed many things. The greatest of them; realizing my creating is for “our” universe, “our” world, not for me.

“Blessings on your journey”

Wondering and waiting!

Wondering and waiting.

Sometimes I find myself wondering and waiting. Wondering and waiting seems easy and safe because it doesn’t require I do anything. Wondering and waiting feels like being stuck in the mud, immobile.  You can still see the sun come up and hear the birds singing and the children playing, but stuck, all while the world spins around me. Wondering and waiting is not creating!!

Creating, is jumping into the stream, feeling the pull of the waters and energy that moves all around me.  Like wondering and waiting, I’m still witnessing all of those things spinning around me.  The difference with creating is recognizing and feeling that my place in it has meaning, has purpose, has an impact!!  In fact when I’m creating, I may even be at the center of it!!  We were meant to create, rock on!!

”Blessings on your journey”

What if?

What if there was a place where no one would judge us, or think less of us. A place where no topic was off limits, a safe place, where one would be listened to.  A place where you could find your authentic self, your authentic voice and be supported and encouraged to be all you can be.  A place where you were important.  A place where you didn’t feel alone anymore and a place you could go anytime.

What if there was such a place?

“Blessings on your journey”