Dead birds

When my daughter was 5 years old, a sparrow family made a nest and laid three eggs in between her bedroom and storm window, it wasn’t long before they hatched.  It was fun witnessing the excitement grow, and we checked in regularly.  It was a sunny spring day that I received a call from my wife that the baby birds were dead and our daughter would be home soon from school.  There was a pressing need to do something.  I ran home and flushed the birds down the toilet……………… I did it for two reasons, one for calming down the anxiety felt by my wife and I, and two, to protect our daughter from experiencing any heartbreak, pain or hurt from this event.  I failed, it made it worse!!

What I learned is that there is an instinctual fear of hurting or damaging ourselves further and we will do anything to protect ourselves and those we love!!!  As a funeral director with years of experience and knowledge about dealing with death, I learned that, I too am subject to these instincts.

This story, like so many others I tell in my book “Living and Dying” is an example of our human condition.  My hope is, what we struggle with or fail at, can make us stronger and wiser.

”Blessings on your journey”

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From Madysin Taylor: Awareness of gratitude will allow you to savor and, above all, appreciate your life with renewed grace.

Sometimes we forget to take the time to recognize the richness that defines our lives. This may be because many of the messages we encounter as we go about our affairs prompt us to think about what we don’t have rather than all the abundance we do enjoy. Consequently, our gratitude exists in perpetual conflict with our desire for more, whether we crave time, convenience, wealth, or enlightenment. Yet understanding and truly appreciating our blessings can be as simple as walking a mile in another’s shoes for a short period of time. Because many of us lead comparatively insular lives, we may not comprehend the full scope of our prosperity that is relative to our sisters and brothers in humanity.

”Blessings on your journey”

Broken hearts

A heart that has been broken and seen pain, reveals within it, a crack that allows more light in.  MADISYN TAYLOR

There are many life altering situations flowing in and around my daily life experience. While I expect changes day to day, they still are shocking when they come to fruition.  Some changes sneak up on me very slowly and others drop in with a “Big Bang”.  The affect of these heart wounding events, trigger thoughts and emotions, and bring forth physical symptoms that can wash over me in waves.  In my lifetime I have come to believe and see these as opportunities for miracles. That crack that allows more light in reveals to me the miracle of love and peace the more I surrender and open to it.  But heartbreak, like all emotions, falls under the spell of our consciousness influence, not everyone can make the transition, fearing damaging ourselves further.

If you like me are one who is experiencing heartbreak from loss, know that you are not alone, that there is hope and the possibility for miracles.  If there are clouds in the sky blocking the light from view, know the light is still there, just hidden from our sight. Much love and peace to you.

”Blessings on your journey”

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Happy Easter

Every year the world re-visits the idea of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection story suggest the possibility of life after death. While I have not personally seen actual physical evidence, I have faith, and do believe this is a real possibility. I believe because I have experienced other non physical events that shine the light on the world of energy and spirit.

While I am in no hurry to experience this resurrection event (I can wait), I do believe it will be awe inspiring. I do believe that it will blow my mind and transcend any possible good feeling I have ever experienced in my physical life. I do believe it will connect me with my real home, family and love in a way I’ve have yet to fully experience here. And, I do believe it will be good.

“Blessings on your journey”

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Carry light

There are many people in the world that hold and carry light. When they turn and shine their light towards me, I feel safe, needed and valued. When they turn to go I can never forget how I felt in their presence. And when they turn back I can feel that same familiar light as if it never left.  These people have an outward-looking perspective, they direct their gaze and light beyond themselves and into our living experiences.  Like listening and sharing, they build a framework of existence that is inter-dependent.

Thank You!

Enveloped in Your Light, may I be a beacon to those in search of Light. Sheltered in Your Peace, may I offer shelter to those in need of peace. Embraced by Your Presence, so may I be present to others.


“Blessings on your journey”