Today’s wish

Today my wish is to see humanity in the fellow Americans we think we’re at odds with. A plea to see the truth of our own imperfection.  A plea to see the truth in our errors in judgment of each other and a plea to alter the course of hurtful discourse and self destruction.

If you find that you’re sitting in judgments (and I know we all do), then consider that loving others might be a better way to walk through your days.

There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love. – Father Greg Boyle –

“Blessings on your journey”




Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

This past weekend Nancy and I spent Saturday and Sunday in Baltimore Maryland with my sister and family.  My IPad and keyboard left charging on the coffee table at home for the first time in a long time.

Did you miss me?

It had been 105 days since I missed a consecutive daily post, 105 days of posting a new thought or idea into the universal abyss and, I missed it.  Now I have multiple thoughts, days of material, daily posts and conversations.  Thoughts like how fear affects and controls us, more on the Whole Foods conversation, and many others floating through space and time.

Today those thoughts are going to just have to wait.   Wait because something has changed for me and you need to know  “You help me feel connected”  I know not everyone agrees with me on everything I think or write and I know that many may not always read or comment on my posts. But, you need to know I missed you, and it feels really good just knowing you’re there.

How cool is that!! Just being there can make a difference!! Perhaps this will happen again and perhaps you’ll miss me and I’ll miss you. In any event, we are really great together.

”Blessings on your journey”


One day at a time

Here’s a short thought from one of my favorite bloggers, Madisyn Taylor.  As a big picture thinker I often find myself missing the day to day, moment to moment experience of life.  See if you agree.

One Day at a Time
Taking one step at a time makes life much easier to navigate rather than always looking at the big picture.
The years of our life do not arrive all at once; they greet us day by day. With the descent of each setting sun, we are able to rest our heads and let the world take care of itself for a while. We may rest assured throughout the night, knowing that the dawn will bring with it a chance to meet our lives anew, donning fresh perspectives and dream-inspired hopes. The hours that follow, before we return to sleep once more, are for us to decide how we want to live and learn, laugh and grow. Our lives are sweeter and more manageable because we must experience them this way: one day at a time.


Imagine the future stretching out before you and try to notice if you feel any tension or overwhelm at the prospect of the journey still to come. Perhaps you have recently made a lifestyle change, like beginning a new diet or quitting smoking, and the idea of continuing this healthy new behavior for years seems daunting. Maybe you have started a new job or are newly married and can feel an undercurrent of anxiety about your ability to succeed. If you can shift your focus from what may happen years down the line and return it to the day that is before you right now, you may find a measure of calm and renewed confidence in your capabilities. You may also discover an inner faith that the future will take care of itself.

The way we show up for our lives today and tomorrow has an enormous affect on who we will be and what we will be experiencing years from now. If we can remain fully engaged in the day at hand, enjoying all it has to offer and putting our energy into making the most of it, we will find that we are perfectly ready and capable to handle any future when it arrives.

“Blessings on your journey”

The gift of winter

Today we wake up to a new blast of winter weather and lots of snow.  It’s a Friday and a good day to stay inside if you can, and reflect on the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the simple needs we have.  The schools are closed, the roads still difficult to manage and everybody is moving at a slow and cautious pace.

For me and many of us it minimizes the need to get things done and rush out into the world to meet goals and expectations.  For others, it creates havoc, struggle and presents obstacles and danger.  In any case it is a gift and opportunity to experience. In my work, there are no pressing services to manage today and those who need our help are naturally slowed down by the weather too. This morning as I write this, I have no pressure to get it done fast or any need to rush, just enjoy the beauty outside my window and enjoy the warm and comfortable space of my home.  For moms who’s daily scheduled plans are crushed by another snow day, they get to receive the gift of their children, the little ones they called to life. Take and savor this gift, there will come a time when you will miss it. For those who need to rush out into the storm as we all have had to do sometimes, it provides other opportunities.  The opportunity of being out in the midst of a storm witnessing the beauty and natural energy of nature can be a gift.  Every where you look there is a fresh and invigorating natural beauty, compelling us to take a moment to pause and notice.  In the work place there is a natural understanding for the navigational concerns and issues brought on by the weather.  Schedules are naturally affected and understood (or should be) and the pace is naturally slowed with absences and tardiness.  The world is slowed down, take a breath in this space.  There is comfort, joy and peace here. It is in our breath and comes from deep within our soul.  It is a moment to be noticed and celebrated.  We are here and life is good.

“Blessings on your journey”


Thoughts on open forum

Today I sent this email to the Town of Brighton Council members regarding last nights open forum on the Whole Foods development project.

March 1, 2018

Dear Mr Supervisor and Town Council members,
Thank you for your continued efforts and commitment to the Town of Brighton. Last night I was most impressed by your ability to conduct what I consider a very long, but successful meeting. Having attended meetings such as this over my many years, I’m still amazed by how similar they always seem to be. I think the woman who spoke of wanting things to remain the same as they were when she bought her home 50 years ago and the few individuals that wanted “guarantees” about some specific zoning issues speaks volumes. Perhaps our biggest human challenge is adjusting from old normals to new normals. People with the need to maintain control in a changing and seemingly out of control world will find discomfort and struggle In their lives. Unfortunately these issues are mental health issues and not issues that our town board should have to be addressing. With change comes challenges and I do recognize and greatly appreciate your compassion and willingness to listen to them, thank you.

Last night I got there early to experience the energy and organizational structure. Great job on the logistics and coordination, every detail appeared to be addressed. It was however difficult to witness the personal behaviors and attitudes of many of the attendees. I witnessed, extreme rudeness, anger, anxiety, division, protest, pretty much every thing we see on the news everyday. While I am disheartened by individuals disrespect for each other and themselves, I am hopeful that it will bring progressive and healing change.
It is time to make a decision on this project as I fear more delays will just heighten the angst in our community.

Here are a few points that resonated with me last night. In the order of importance to me:

1. Great job on creating a safer way to enter and exit both north and south sides of Monroe Ave. We have been having safety issues in this corridor for more years than I can remember. I believe this change will make a significant difference in its safety and I was glad to see all of the business owners affected are in approval, well done (Bill, I also agree that the light east of 590 should be removed!! No left turn needed)
2. The scope of the square footage on the proposed project is in keeping with the developers needs and not a significant addition to the baseline footage allowed in the current zoning laws. I truly believe that there will not be any adverse affect on our community to allow for the some 19 thousand additional square feet. I also found it interesting that you could put the entire project inside the Pittsford Wegmans and still have enough room for another Whole Foods store. A very relatable thought on development size and one that dispels the super-sized argument.
3. Protection for the neighbors (me) at the rear of the project along Clover St and Allens Creek is an interesting dilemma. As I understand it, under the current laws there is no way for the developer to create ingress/egress on these roads, so, I’m fine with that. The idea to create a permanent covenant to the project, guaranteeing this never happens concerns me. We cannot begin to imagine the needs of our community 20-30 years from now and while I would prefer it never happen, I’m not in favor of it.
4. Traffic. While we all understand we don’t like to be delayed or inconvenienced by having to deal with traffic congestion, this will always be an issue. Trust your work and the professional consultants that have provided you with the needed data. I’m confident we can and will adapt!
5. The enhanced trail. While I’m not a current user, If the board feels this is a good Incentive zoning project that enhances the quality of life in our town I’m all for it.
6. Incentive Zoning. It appears some of the people attending don’t like the idea of incentive zoning because they think the developer is getting to much “a deal” (enhancing the trail @ 1.7 mil?) and going to make to much money over the years to come (16mil over 20+years). To me, incentive zoning has always felt like extortion. I realize this is part of the political landscape today, but I’m not a big fan. I have always believed that town government should be doing everything they can to make it easier for business owners to succeed. If the town wants to make enhancements for the community “we” should be asked to provide for that. In fact let’s work on these projects with personal contributions of business and individuals, not with our tax revenues. If we can raise the money great, if not so be it, we shouldn’t have It. Every day business owners put their livelihood and their families security on the line. We create opportunity for jobs, commerce and offer services for the community all while worrying about being supported. We are the ones with the most to lose and rightfully the most to gain (risk/reward). Not everyone is designed for this work and it doesn’t appear to be appreciated. While I’m on my soap box, I don’t think the government should always have to come up with the money on some things either. Just my thing here!!
7. 22 zoning issues. While this sounds like a lot, It doesn’t appear there are any major concerns other than the parking lot area to the north/west. It sounded like you have put in place adequate barriers and improvements. Good job.
8. Very disappointed in the Neighbors and Save Monroe Ave. attorneys!

All in all not a bad list of concerns and all very attainable. What ever you decide, know that you have given it a lot of time and due diligence. We cannot know and control the future as every day things change, just wait until tomorrow. I believe the developer you are working with could not be a better partner.

Good Work.

Mark Anthony

“Blessing on your journey”

Whole Foods in Brighton

Here is my presentation I just presented tonight in the open forum in support of the Daniele’s Whole Foods project in Brighton. It has been three years and many thousands of dollars spent by the Daniele’s in an effort to bring a multi million dollar project to Brighton.

February 28, 2018 Daniele proposal for Whole Foods plaza in Brighton.

Good evening , My name is Mark Anthony, a lifelong Brighton Resident. Our family started the the family business, Anthony Funeral Chapel at 2305 Monroe Ave. in 1952, the year I was born. I live at 2288 Clover Street right behind clover lanes and I support the proposed Whole Foods project

I have three specific topics to address tonight. Change, purpose and leadership

Change. Monroe avenue as we all know is main corridor and a center of influence in Brighton. A gateway to our community and a place where one can find pretty much anything one might need. In my lifetime I have seen it transformed from single family homes to retail and service space and see it continually morphing and adapting as needs change. I see this opportunity with the Daniele’s project exciting and as a needed and welcome change.

One thing that will not change is my avoidance of Monroe ave during different times of day or seasons, and I’m fine with that. There will also be many times that you will find me in Whole Foods as it meets the dietary and nutritional needs so many of us are looking for. I do not see it affecting my life and how I live it because I can adapt, and I welcome the opportunity it brings. I know that I live next to a commercial zone and realize it has its issues but it is one of the main reasons I choose to live here.

Purpose. Development brings new opportunity, taxes and revenues helping support and maintain a strong and viable community. We should want successful business and be supportive of quality projects such as this. The last thing we want are closed storefronts and abandoned buildings that you find in communities that did not find ways to adapt to change. So our purpose is to support commerce, support this family and developers like them who have vision and are willing to work with us. Our purpose is to adapt to change. As a professional who has dedicated his life to helping people adapt to the ultimate change, a death of a loved one, I know there is no way around change, and there is life sustaining growth in change. As the late Wayne Dyer says,

When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.

Leadership. Albert Einstein once said: Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. As a business owner I know we need to support the leaders that will get us for A to B and also need to support the imaginative leaders, because, everything that exists today, did not exist until it was first imagined, EVERYTHING.

The Daniele family have created successful businesses after successful business. From a modest pizza shop to multiple business ventures today, they have clearly proven their success and provided us significant evidence of creating services that our communities have celebrated and gathered around for years. While it may not be the only reason to approve their project, I really believe that much like other imaginative leaders like the Wegmans, the Wilmot’s, The Eastman’s, The Schlegels, the Bauschs and other successful Rochester families, the Daniele’s want to make our town and city a better place.

But, truly, We all want that, no matter what side we appear to be on, and I believe that.
You as a community representative are in a position where you need to cross every T and dot every I and then listen and listen again to anyone who has an opinion or thought about just about everything. I, commend you and applaud you for your effort, but also feel frustrated and a bit angry for the time and cost you create for our business community. I have known this family for many years and know they will do “whatever it takes” to help the town meet their needs, now it’s time to help them, and in turn our town. It is time to acknowledge the imagination, success and good will of this family and provide them with an affirmative position on this project. It is time to lead not just represent. Lead by continuing to be a support to those you represent and lead for purposeful change and growth for our town. But most importantly, lead openly, honestly and authentically. Know one will ever fault you for that.

Thank you.

“Blessings on your journey”

Experience with the senses

Yesterday I had an experience with my senses. I was listening to the telling of a deeply hurtful story and was touched in a place within me that conjured up tears and intense emotion, almost more than I could bear. It was a very moving experience and in the midst of this there was deep peace and loving connection. It connected me to a place of deeper and clearer understanding about fear and its affect on us.  A journey in self discovery, senses and all!!

I learned that when I’m distracted by feelings that create anxiety and dis-ease they’re most likely ego based and designed to keep me in fear. When those feelings are connected to peace and loving connection they’re most likely God based. Pretty good thing to know don’t you think?

“Blessings on your journey”