Thoughts become things. Nothing that exists today, existed until it was first imagined. If you change the way you look at the world, the world changes. And, one of my favorites that my son shared with me a few years ago, If I don’t think it, it doesn’t exist.

Let all that percolate for a moment and you’ll begin to see that we may have Some challenges to our thinking. But, the good news is we have the power to create any world we choose for ourselves, and it will make a significant difference. Once we understand the only thing we can change, is our thinking.

Where is our thinking? Is it lifting us and everyone around us up, or pulling us down and keeping all around us down? Where is our thinking? (Pause and reflect 🙂

There is a place where thought meets Devine Intelligence, a place where the magic happens, where the world we look at changes, and, all it requires is awareness, desire, and practice. A willingness to try something new, move from old normals to new normals, CHANGE. Right now, it’s only a thought!! Tomorrow it becomes a reality!!


“Blessings on your journey”

The journey

People who do all they can, with what they’ve got, from where they are, no matter how puny their actions, how tiny their steps, or how futile it may seem, simply have more fun.

Of course, to the uninitiated it doesn’t appear that way. To them it appears as if only those taking gigantic leaps, who drive cars with fancy wheels, have loads of friends, perfect bodies, and fly around the world in First Class Sleeper Seats, are having fun. But what they don’t realize is that we’re often talking about the very same folks, just at different points in their journey.

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“Blessings on your journey”


Father’s Day has come and gone.  As I reflected on the day with my children, I remembered that my father never verbally told me he loved me, not once, never.  I recalled that not hearing the words created a desire in me to get his approval, which often caused me to not feel good enough.  I told them that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t do the same thing to them.  Then, I told them I loved them, AGAIN!!! Giddy up.

”Blessings on your journey”


Think that it’s fun, that you’re guided, and that all is well; that there’s time, that life is easy, and that the best has yet to come.

Think that the reasons that elude you will one day catch up, that the lessons that have stumped you will one day bring joy, and that the sorrows that have crippled you will soon give you wings.

Think good things and good things will appear, or don’t.

”Blessings on your journey’


Surrender isn’t a sacrifice of the known, but rather a celebration of the infinite.

– Nipun Mehta –

Nipun Mehta in a commencement address said “What do exponential love, exponential forgiveness, and exponential kindness look like? Silicon Valley didn’t have an answer for that, so I had to expand my search in other directions.  And I found something startling. I discovered that technology’s quest towards the unknown requires us to accumulate more and more control, whereas growing in virtue requires an altogether different capacity: more and more surrender.  As I initially practiced the art of surrender, I felt like I was letting go. But rather quickly, I saw that I was also letting come, letting “in”. Without my asking, life offered with great abandon.  

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In todays world we are bombarded with personal challenges, severe environment changes, fear, hate, the list goes on.  To consider the idea off surrender initially feels like giving up.  Yet, in this beautifully written address we are presented with the idea that surrender is a path to letting in.

He goes on to say. “Surrender isn’t a sacrifice of the known, but rather a celebration of the infinite. Sooner or later, we see the futility of fitting the glorious spectrum of our human experience into a neat little algorithm. You no longer try to scheme deals with nature. When the ego moves from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, you not only enjoy the ride but become aware of the vast conspiracy of the universe to drop you at the doorsteps of greater good. With an effortless bow, you let go that which is leaving, and you let in all that arrives.

Such a grand mystery of life is not meant to be traced backward. It must be lived forward”.

”Blessings on your journey”

The Rock

Some years ago, a good friend shared with me a concept that had helped him in his life.  It was a spiritual discussion which revolved around our commitments and values.  He used the term the “Rock we stand on”   For some time now I have used this term in my thinking and practicing and found it to be a life changing and significant thought.

It reminds me of when as children, we used to play king of the hill where one would stand atop the snow piles (in those days), and others would try to knock him off.  

The “Rock we stand on” is very much the same.  It’s a place we put our life’s impression on, a place where we hold our beliefs solidly, and no one can knock us off. What rock do you stand on that no one can knock you off? where do you stand on issues, beliefs, values? etc..  It seems to me that without a position and our rock we leave very little of ourselves in the world.

Rock on!!

”Blessings on your journey”