Remember me

Today I get the privelage of speaking at the funeral of a friend.  This is what I will say.

We have come here today to witness and take part in the mystery of life’s journey.  Much like all of our journeys in life, our presence symbolizes our commitment and love for each other, and our love and appreciation for the life of     ____________________________________________________________________ .

In this life’s journey we experience transformational events that change and form the fabric and direction of our lives.  Today we come to one of those moments, a moment that represents a significant change, a soon to be new normal in our life and the life of __________________________________________________________.   While we cannot imagine where this road will take us right now, we can take strength in the fact we won’t be traveling it alone, for it is the same path that has been taken by all who have gone before us, and a path that we to will follow.  It is a natural and normal part of the human condition.

Be assured that comfort can be found in our hearts and memories.  It is the story of  our life that brings light and meaning to our existence and what we represent to each other.  So, before we leave here today to complete this physical journey on earth, take pause to remember.  Remember and carry with us all that serves and honors us and let go of that which no longer serves us.


Called on to lead!

I’m quite taken by the reactions and behaviors of all those in the political and media world today. Looking from afar and painting with a big brush, it would appear there is a war being waged.  I say that because of the expressions I see being represented, like hatred, fear, distaste, distrust, disgust, (add your feeling here).  There are also some that are inspired, and supportive, etc. (add your feeling here).

What concerns me the most is the light it shines on who we are as a people, because it speaks volumes about our character.  What has happened to today’s leaders? I have always appreciated the leader who inspires and moves me, Jesus, Buda, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, (add your name here).  It was easy to try and follow their  doctrines, beliefs, and message if we just believed.  For thousands of years we were trained trained and taught to be followers, following the beliefs and doctrines of others, it has been our path, our history. Now we are being called to move beyond the old ways that no longer serve us and into a brave new world.

We are being called to find a place of peace in an age of personal and spiritual development. Unfortunately, we’re beginning this development like children in our late teens or maybe younger (remember what that was like?). You can see it in our actions and behaviors, so be kind, it to will pass (it may also be the end of us too).  I also believe, more importantly, that “we” are being called, that each and everyone of us is being called to step up and lead, (take a big breath). And, lead by finding a place within us where we have never gone before. The good news is, all we need to do, is be willing.  So, I would like to suggest you join me in finding that leader that breathes, inspires and moves within each of us.  That leader who up until now has been hiding, and secretly waiting for this very moment.  That leader that holds space for and supports each other, that leader that loves, and leads without judgement, allowing for compromise and growth. That leader that listens. That leader in YOU and ME.

”Blessings on your journey”

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Whatever I focus on, I experience.

So, whenever I focus on or talk about “what is” or “what was,” even if I’m just explaining to a friendly ear, I project more of the same into the future.

If I focus on asking more than giving thanks, I’ll believe less in my own power.

And if I insist that it’s hard and that I’m not good enough , I find that it is, and I am.

And, when I choose to focus on what I like, what I love, and how amazing I am.   I am!

”Blessings on your journey”

Flow group revisited!


Two years later !  Last night I had the privilege of reuniting with members of my flow group from two years ago in Los Angeles.

When I went to Los Angeles in March 2017, I was well into a transformational event journey.  I had written and published a book and was looking forward to expanding my reach personally, spiritually, emotionally and professionally.   I had always thought or more accurately hoped that my journey to enlightenment was a trip where I could go from 0 to full enlightenment overnight, I did not realize or want to understand that life did not work that way (at least for most of us). While I did not encounter full, embodied, enlightenment on this trip, it did ignite a new beginning, a new opportunity.

When I left Los Angeles, I began a daily regimen of meditation with the intention of developing a marketing strategy for my book with the possibility of speaking engagements, travel and professional acknowledgement etc.  It took me 6 – 7 months to realize that vision or dream was not working and it has morphed into a movement of one book at a time, personal gifts to families I serve and meet, and a gift to friends. So in my old thinking, once again I was not good enough, yet, it prompted me to begin a 100 day journey of blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world on a public stage (to date this is my 389th post!).  This new journey helped me establish my new publicly acknowledged mantra of living life “authentically and honestly”  this theme has breathed new life into me and has become my anchor for all that I do.  FYI, I probably run at around 70% – 80% in my effectiveness sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

Recently I attended an Esther Hicks seminar in Florida.  During that experience she used an analogy of how life’s journey is a variety of different and individual trips, spread out  throughout our days, weeks months, years lifetime etc. (not my 0 to enlightenment wish, but a life changing thought never the less).  My mind instantly imagined the Uber app with little digital cars moving around – and much like the Uber app, those moving cars can and do represent the many different and infinite possibilities moving around us all the time as we navigate our day, week, year, lifetime.  We make the choices to engage or not with the different rides and go on those adventures or journeys.

I also recently had a conversation about Joy with a friend who asked me what I did that was fun or I really liked.  I had a hard time answering that.  What I realized was that I spend most of my time and energy preparing the way for others.  Not to fix anything, but to create safe spaces and a smooth journey for those along for the ride.  While I am very good at it and it gives me great pleasure to do it, she suggested that along the way I try and take moment’s to find the good time that I can personally have. I have recently tried this and voila, it is indeed possible 😊

Today, I find myself in a professional place of transitioning out of my career identity of funeral director and owner.  I find myself re-engaging with music, both personally and with my grand kids and family, I find myself supporting friends and artists who express joy and breath love and life back into our community.  I find myself living a sober lifestyle or should I say struggling to find a balance with addictive personalities and distractions from my authentic and honest theme.

I find myself continuing to blog on a less stringent schedule, I find myself looking to find ways to bring people together in spaces that encourage listening and honoring each other’s space and ideas. I find myself on the verge of creating my next book by using over a year of my past posts from my blog.

And after being asked by my son and future daughter in law, I find myself sharing in the ceremony, by presiding over their marriage with words of connection, honor, peace and love.

All in all not a bad place to be even in the midst of the worlds disfunction, hate and discord.

I also find myself in the place of wishing to Thank you for your time and dedication for bringing us all together and honoring us in this way and in this place today.  It is a gift for me to reunite and share our story.  It is a gift to be honored by you and a gift for us to honor you.

“Blessings on your journey”

Bon voyage!

I have been moved to be a better leader, mentor, coach etc. To be more honest with myself and others (hold space and expect others to hold space for me), to practice what I preach (honest and authentic) and shake rattle and role (stretch, take risks and grow).

I also continually re-visit a need to ensure that I am surrounding myself in an environment that fosters the type of growth I seek for myself.  Surrounding myself with others who aren’t willing to stretch and take risks, be honest and authentic and hold caring, and committed space for me, is a lot of work.  There’s the old saying that when the rising tide raises the water level in the marina all the boats rise with it.  Conversely, if I’m boating with others that are draining the marina of water, I too am affected.

Today let’s set sail with a clear view and direction.  While I might encounter some bad weather and rough seas, I know my destination and am quite willing and determined to get there.  Bon Voyage!!

”Blessings on your journey”

Tragic events

Sometime ago, a good friend asked me to write about suicide.  I have had way to much experience working with families that have had to struggle with the why’s and what  if’s of loved ones taking their own lives.  All of the stories sound unique because of personalities, relationships, manner of death etc.  Yet, they are all very similar.

One story I will share is the mother who wondered “WHY” her son did this.  He left no note and there were no specific warning signs or previous efforts.  She spoke with us at a funeral directors convention many years ago.  After the presentation I spoke with her.  I asked her how long she asked the question “WHY” Her response, was so perfect.  She said, “after two and a half years of asking WHY, I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore!!”

The other story I tell is about a good friend of mine, who lost his son to suicide.  Although his son had struggled with depression and relationship issues, he had recently found new purpose and friends in volunteering.  He was beginning to put his struggles behind, or so it seemed when it happened.  As we approached the day of putting his son’s body to rest, I asked my friend how he was doing. It was evident that he was struggling and working hard to find some understanding, not just for his own benefit but to help everyone.  If there was anyone who would figure it out, I knew he would.  When I asked how he was doing, he told me he had figured it out.  We went to the study and sat down to talk.  As his expression took on a sad but compassionate and loving softness, he said to me “Mark, If my son were sitting here with me right now, he would say Dad, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I was not in my right mind”

I will never forget it and I share the story with all the families that are confronted with this horrific event. What I’ve learned is, we’re all human and sometimes we make mistakes because we’re not in our right mind. The difference is sometimes it can take place where reason, understanding, hope and resilience does not exist.  A place where there are no more solutions or options.

In our life we will experience tragic events that happen to people we know and love.  Often we will never know the reason or have the answers to the many questions we ask.  Often it will come when we least expect it and in the blink of an eye.  Life is designed to be a mystery and I believe and have learned while it may not always be obvious, we have the ability to handle it.  Within us is a wisdom and love so profound yet often untouched, unknown about and experienced until tragedy strikes.  Let’s not wait for that!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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Broken hearted

A heart that has been broken and seen pain, reveals within it, a crack that allows more light in.  MADISYN TAYLOR

There are many life altering situations flowing in and around our daily life experience. While I expect changes day to day, they still are shocking when they come to fruition.  Some changes sneak up on me very slowly and others drop in with a “Big Bang”.  The affect of these heart wounding events, trigger thoughts and emotions, and bring forth physical symptoms that can wash over me in waves.  In my lifetime I have come to believe and see these as opportunities for miracles. That crack that breaks us open allows more light in, revealing to me the miracle of love and peace the more I surrender and open to it.  But heartbreak, like all emotions, falls under the spell of our consciousness influence, not everyone can make the transition, fearing damaging ourselves further.

If you, like me are one who is experiencing heartbreak from loss, know that you are not alone, that there is hope and the possibility for miracles.  If there are clouds in the sky blocking the light from our view, know the light is still there, just hidden from our sight. Much love and peace to you.

”Blessings on your journey”

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