Heal yourself!

Daily we live in a world created by our thinking, our reaction and participation in it. We have the opportunity to make it the best day we’ve ever had, sometimes just OK and sometimes just plain awful. We get to choose. We get to determine how the thoughts and actions play out in the wind of change and cause and affect. We get to decide on the direction our life takes, we get to choose. Even when the world throws us curveballs, heaving death, and the destruction of everything we believe in, we get to choose.

A couple of days ago Brandt Jean in response to a convicted murderer, hugged Amber Guyger as she was sentenced to ten years, for the killing of his brother, Botham Jean. In court, Brandt Jean, 18, used his victim impact statement to tell the court that despite what Guyger took from his family, if she is truly sorry for what she did, then he forgives her and wants the best for her. As the two shared a tight hug, the courtroom was largely quiet except for the sounds of sobbing. Footage of that moment put a dramatic human light on what had already been a widely watched case, in which an off-duty white police officer shot and killed an innocent black man.

Jean’s act of forgiveness and the ensuing reaction was immediately reminiscent of when the survivors of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, publicly forgave Dylan Roof. While we don’t want to glorify the act of forgiveness, as it does not absolve all of the issues created by our thinking, It is clear that the embrace was what Jean needed, and in fact requested. The reasons are not ours to parse or condemn. I do know that Brandt Jean will continue to mourn the loss of his brother for the rest of his life and he will be forgiving Guyger for the rest of his life. While there were many that were confused and disheartened by it, others tried to pull something good from it. Defense attorney Toby Shook on network TV said, “he thinks he showed with his grace and forgiveness how we should heal” In Brandt’s victim impact statement he said, I love you as a person; Jean, I don’t wish anything bad on you.

What he did this day was to heal “himself”, free himself from a life of condemnation and hate. He made his choice.

“Blessings on your journey”

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How we see the world

Someone once said “We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are” — thus our lenses of perception inform our experience, we bring ourselves, our biases, our expectations to the doorstep of every moment. Knowing this, we can become more conscious of how we see, steward and direct our attention in ways that serve our inner life and make us more whole.

“Blessings on your journey”

Leaning towards the truth

The last few days, I have been following the news and the discussion around impeachment. It is very apparent to me that the interpretation of right and wrong revolves around the idea of how we see the data.

Isn’t it true about everything and everyone we deal with?

How we see the world, how we process our past experiences and thoughts affect our decisions and direction. If we lean to the left, we lean that way. If we lean to the right, we lean that way. It is the lens we view our world that dictates our reality. The way we lean is “our” right way.

“Blessings on your journey”


100 Days

A while back I embarked on a journey of personal discovery. After returning from a transformational event in Los Angeles, I made the commitment to meditate for 1 hour each day and examine my life as it is, and where it could be. It had always been a belief that my thinking was a result of past events and experiences and that if I could find a way to transition past my old thinking, I could find a new place to be, a new normal, living in the moment.

Many of the people in these groups used video to post their daily revelations. I chose to do a daily report for 100 days and used writing to report my thoughts uncovered during meditation.

After over 450 daily posts I’ve decided to share these posts in a new book. I have learned that hearing the stories and reflections of others experience we can notice our own voice respond and resonate or not, bringing clarity and newness to our lives. Today I begin the process of transferring and editing and look forward to the day where I can connect with you and others willing.

“Blessings on you journey”


Moments of profundity!

With the 18 anniversary of the tragedy at the World Trade Center in NYC behind us, it causes me pause. Pause to remember the intensity of feelings and reactions surrounding this horrific act. My reaction and the reaction of all of those around me reached pinnacles of dis-belief I had never experienced before. Shock, dis-belief, anger, fear, and eventually profound sadness and empathy as we began to hear the numbers of those affected by it.

We were Ill prepared for that profound and monumental event. Our reactions lasted days, weeks, months, years and to those affected most closely, it still exists. In our lives we have moments of profundity, moments where we are tested, pushed, prodded and moved. We will continue to struggle and learn, grow and be strong, find hope and love even in its midst. We will.

“Blessings on your journey”


Let it Be!

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be!! Let it Be!!

In this world every single one of us is unique, one of a kind, special and important. We were born into this world to be unique and different. We came here to learn this, so, Let it Be. Let it Be, when we disagree; Let it Be, when we hurt or are hurt; Let it Be, when we struggle; Let it Be, in times of trouble.

When we can’t Let it Be, and, we place our thoughts and energy on our troubles, we bring them power and magnify our differences. This energetic mis-alignment is what creates chaos and suffering.

We were designed to be different and unique, we do not all think the same or feel the same way. Let it Be, Let it Be!! It is a journey of profound and magical opportunity and design, and, all to often we loose our way. Let it Be.

“Blessings on your journey”


Oh say, can you see?

This past Sunday night I had the opportunity to listen and share in the musical genius of Chris Wilson at Vitale Park on Conesus Lake. Whenever and wherever Chris sings and plays his guitar he presents an honest and heartfelt experience for those who have the ability to hear and experience it. This particular night he made the effort halfway through his show to throw down some political comments. The underlining message being, we all have our ideas and differences but there is a place we can meet together and “oh, by the way check this out”. He began his rendition of our National Anthem, slowed down and executed in a way that commanded, invited and pulled us all in. As he slowly eased into the song and as we all became aware of what song it was, people began to stand and place their hands on their hearts. In that moment I was taken back by the rush of emotion that waved over and through me as people of all denominations, political beliefs, races, cultures responded in unison to the pull of a common theme. The pull of freedom and justice for all, the pull of unity in a common belief. Here is a clip of that moment, I hope that you too can feel the pull too.

“Blessings on your journey”