Caring is not just another goal: it is a way of being embodied.

Tarthang Thulku

To care means to make one’s own life an example of good conduct. It does not mean that we must give big speeches or write fancy words; our actions should simply demonstrate our ideas. Perhaps even more importantly, our care should be evident even when no one is there to see us or congratulate us. Our lives should be our records.

“Blessings on your journey”

A Photo Essay

Just when I’d thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, it did.  I woke up for the third or fourth day looking out to wet, overcast, dull weather, at least until I drove out into the country.

Everywhere I looked there existed a subtle and multi-faceted fabric of texture, soft colors and dimensions weaving landscapes into photo opportunities.


There was movement in the tributaries flowing strong from the constant rains.  The swollen banks, guarded by strong dark structures accented by soft hues and constantly changing colors.


Interesting structures forgotten and hidden by the summer green, now present in there awesome despair.


Others alive, fit, and shining through in bright vibrant hues, with fences lining and defining space in an illusionary world.


And lastly, there were quiet contemplative places, places defining a time and space gone before us, but not forgotten.


“Blessings on your journey”

“You” are apart of it!

Within me there is a wonder, a magic, and an underlying current of creative and imaginative energy and thought.  When I do not allow it to be present in my experience, or judge I am not worthy of it, I enter a funk, a depression, a place of uncertainty and fear.  I can only imagine that this place I speak of, is present in a large way in many of you too.

Do not feel not worthy, and guilty it’s there, do not appropriate it to your ego self, and do not get in the way of its purpose.  It is there to bring forth abundance, love and compassion for so much, and you are apart of and there with it.  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”

It helps to remember today!

It helps to think of us all as different parts of one psyche. Just as within our own hearts and minds we have dark places that need healing, the heart and mind of the world has its dark places. It helps to remember the health of the whole organism depends upon the relative health of the individuals within it. And, it helps to remember, we increase harmony when we hold onto the light, not allowing it to be darkened by judgment, anger, and fear about those who behave unconsciously.

It helps to remember that everyone must find their own way to awakening and that the experiences we are having are an essential part of the process. Holding them in the light of our own energy may be the best way to awaken theirs.

”Blessings on your journey”

The decision muscle

A good friend posted a column recently, suggesting we take some time everyday to relax the decision muscle. I realize the moment I open my eyes each day I begin to judge, because the decision muscle doesn’t know how to rest, it’s on active duty every waking moment.  We’ve trained it to stay active, protecting us, keeping us safe and away from harm.

Relaxing this decision muscle every day for a few minutes or many, allows us to connect with a safe and sacred place.  A time and space to allow for absorption of energy, connected to the universe and each other.  It’s a focus on releasing, not getting.

Let that decision muscle rest and see what happens (or not).  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”