Last night at 8:03 pm our good friend Colleen O’Brien surrendered to life’s moment and passed on to a new frontier.  After years of treatments, ups and downs, procedure after procedure, she laid down her sword and sheild.  She was one of my favorite people on earth and a fighter like know one I know.  I often would think she would somehow win the battle.

Perhaps this passing is a win however.  I’m confident that she has been given the understanding and knowledge of her life’s purpose, and I’m sure she is in the loving hands of her father, surrounded by family and friends.  While me may not know for sure and wonder why her life was fraught with this disease, she taught me so much while here.  She taught me resilience in her journey, never did she complain or feel sorry for herself.  She taught me courage as she tried new treatments being discovered and trialed. And, she taught me how to love one another.  Never did she get consumed by her issues or problems, she always was interested and cared about me and others.

Her presence in this world made it a better place for me!

“Blessings and Peace on your journey Colleen O’Brien”



Last breaths

I’m sitting here right now as our good friend is taking what appears to be her last breaths. It is a very sad time and I wish for her to be at peace.  Surrounded and being cared for by her family has been an honor to witness and I’m sure a great comfort to her.  She is so lucky to be able to be at home.

For me, It is good to be here.

I’m sitting in her living room knowing there will come the moment when someone says “there, she’s gone” and as we receive that information I’m sure there will be others that will be saying “here she comes”  It’s like the ship on the horizon, where from our shore it appears it’s gone and others on another shore see her coming.

Most of all I am so grateful for having known her, it has made my life better.

“Blessings on your journey”



Turn the channel

In the midst of chaos, everything is in perfect order.

Underneath the chaotic energy, the static and negative energy we think we see and feel, there is a steady stream of pure and perfect energy flowing through everything, everywhere.  When I take those few moments everyday in meditation and in writing I have the opportunity to experience what I speak of.  It is a universal connection we all are apart of.  I have experienced knowings and premonitions related to things, people and concepts.  I have been given a view, a ticket to a show that is playing all the time.  A show that has nothing but good news.  I have tuned into a channel that is playing all the time, a channel that is never affected by other signals or affected by our perceived world.  And, it doesn’t cost a thing.

There is a channel, a show being played everyday, all the time.  All we need to do is turn on the channel and tune in.

“Blessings on your journey”

Dream life

From my friends at TUT

Let me tell you what happens…
There’ll be trumpets, fanfare, and parades. Happy tears, giggles, and hugs. Shrieks of joy, fits of laughter, and reunions with best friends.
There will be quiet, reflection, and revelations. Aha’s! No-way’s! And, of course, You-have-to-be-kidding’s!
Eventually followed by a deep, often surprising, longing for what will by then be viewed as the dream-life you led.
You could plot it on a chart.
The point, of course, is that you are now living that dream-life.


From my friends at TUT
People who do all they can, with what they’ve got, from where they are, no matter how puny their actions, how tiny their steps, or how futile it may seem, simply have more fun.
Of course, to the uninitiated it doesn’t appear that way. To them it appears as if only those taking gigantic leaps, who drive cars with fancy wheels, have loads of friends, perfect bodies, and fly around the world in First Class Sleeper Seats, are having fun. But what they don’t realize is that we’re often talking about the very same folks, just at different points in their journey.
”Blessings on your journey”

Father’s Day

Father’s Day has come and gone.  As I acknowledged the day to my children, I recalled and shared with them that my father never told me he loved me, not once, never.  I told them that not hearing the words created this desire in me to get his approval, which often caused me to not feel good enough.  I told them that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t do the same thing to them.  Then, I told them I loved them, AGAIN!!!

”Blessings on your journey”

You are the light

We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.

Ernest Hemingway

Yesterday I posted this quote on Facebook.  Today I have the privelage of walking the path with a family who are burying a son, father, ex husband and brother.  It would be easy to look at this younger mans life and judge, condem and blame him for his early death and life’s struggle.  We could also blame ourselves and others for we are all broken in some way. Yet, if we spent all of our time doing that, the light couldn’t get in.

As we process into church this morning, the family, pallbearers and friends will be there, holding space and love for each other.  We will participate in a ritual that we have been practicing since the beginning of time.  A ritual designed to bring meaning to our life’s journey.  A ritual designed to begin our journey from an old normal to a new normal.  A ritual to bring in the light, because we are broken.

I am the light, you are the light, we are the light, It is in our consciousness and hearts, yet up to us to hold up and shine it in this space.  Do not forget.

Bring in the light!

”Blessings on your journey”

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