The God particle

Day 92 – From my book “Living and Dying”

Science has proven there’s a field of energy that underlies all physical existence. This field is so new in its discovery that scientists have yet to agree upon a single term. It’s been called everything from “the field,” to “the mind of God,” to “nature’s mind.” In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, called it “the matrix,” and more recently the “God particle.”

Consciousness of this energy as a reality in the universe is, I believe, one of the hardest ideas to grasp. Because it is invisible to most of our regularly used senses, it can seem abstract to our mind. Yet you can feel or sense it, and I believe it is both the cause and creator of all things in our life. For years, I wondered why people didn’t “get it,” why everyone couldn’t see auras, or why people struggled with the concepts of infinity and the idea of consciousness. What I’ve learned is that we each see the world through our own lens; it’s like watching a movie of our creation based on our interpretations, past experiences, and thoughts. In addition to the movie, there exists a radio station that is playing the songs of our soul, the songs of our creation. It is only that we do not have our radio tuned into that station that we do not hear the music.

A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe” has stirred up the Internet because it contains a notion that life does not end when the body dies and that it can last forever. The author of this publication, scientist Dr. Robert Lanza, who was voted the third most important scientist alive by the NY Times, has no doubts that this is possible.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,
“We have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject-lenses have a creative power; perhaps there are no objects. Once we lived in what we saw, now, the rapaciousness of this new power, which threatens to absorb all things, engages us. Nature, art, persons, letters, religions, — objects, successively tumble in, and God is but one of its ideas. Nature and literature are subjective phenomena; every evil and every good thing is a shadow which we cast. The street is full of humiliations to the proud. As the fop contrived to dress his bailiffs in his livery, and make them wait on his guests at table, so the chagrins which the bad heart gives off as bubbles, at once take form as ladies and gentlemen in the street, shop men or barkeepers in hotels, and threaten or insult whatever is threatenable and insultable in us. ‘Tis the same with our idolatries. People forget that it is the eye which makes the horizon, and the rounding mind’s eye which makes this or that man a type or representative of humanity with the name of hero or saint. Jesus the “providential man,” is a good man on whom many people are agreed that these optical laws shall take effect”.

”Blessings on your journey”

Living and Dying

Day 91 – From my book “Living and Dying”

Healing the mind, body and spirit. Our daily experiences in living, loving, hurting and healing are so interconnected and happen so fast that we don’t even notice or actively embrace our role in this power to heal ourselves. It is important to distinguish what I mean when I use the term healing, healing to me means to “become whole again,” “complete.” When our lives are disrupted, or compromised in any way we experience a change from an old normal to a new normal a “loss.” Healing takes a conscious effort of realizing where we are, where we want to be and then developing a strategy to get there.

In the human condition stress takes an incredible toll on our mind, body, and soul. The stress hormones released into our systems are triggered every moment by our thoughts alone. If our thoughts go unregulated, we can very easily lose control. It can make us feel removed from what is happening around leaving us isolated and feeling alone. This happens all of the time in our daily life and is intensified when someone we love dies.

When we receive the news of a death, there is an instantaneous mental reaction of disbelief. It is our first reaction to loss. It has been called the “Unguarded Moment.” You never know when it will come and rarely are you prepared for it. Even I, who is well versed and accustomed to receiving the information, when hearing the news for the first time will find myself speaking the words, “I don’t believe it.” It is human to experience shock when we hear the news, and shock takes its toll on us.
Some shock can take days or years to recover from. Imagine the news of your 19-year-old son being tragically killed in a late night car crash with friends. Imagine the sudden loss of your son taking his own life. Imagine hearing the most horrid news you can imagine. In that moment, and for many moments after, your brain and your body will just shut down. Like a computer on overload, it will crash and burn, it will cease to function as normal. It will happen to all of us.

The second reaction after hearing the news of a death is the need to share it with someone. There is a need to share with others, to process and confirm the information. After receiving the information, I will typically reach out to my wife Nancy and tell her or anyone else who might be around. The need to share attends to the brain’s need to qualify and process the data, and to verify our reality. It will appear in emails, Facebook, Twitter, and all of the social media possibly moments after the event. In accident cases, some families report hearing about it on social media even before the call from other family members or the police. The need for a family to tell the story is as old as time itself, and has some very significant healing affects.

The third reaction, or need, is to visually confirm the data. Once again, the brain and its infinite desire to figure everything out will want to see the evidence. There is a very strong fear or concern to experience this. If you are in active grief and especially if it has been a sudden or unexpected death you will find a stronger need for this.


During the past few days we have been experiencing these three reactions to loss in the death of the students in Broward County both internally and on TV.  While it is is difficult and challenging it is important to remember our human reaction is normal and helps lead us towards healing.  We want it to be easier and we want bad things to stop happening.  We blame and yell and cry because it hurts.

“Blessings on your journey”


Love is still alive

Day 90

Yesterday our world took another spin into the darkness. Many people were killed by a misguided 19 year old in the school he was from.   Yesterday was also Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, and while there is so much more to learn about the school shooting, there is much we know about Valentine’s and Ash Wednesday.

This “Ash Wednesday Valentine’s Day” (The first time together since the end of World War II) gives us an opportunity to reconsider what love is and what love is not.

Authentic love challenges us “to run the risk of a face-to-face encounter with others, with their physical presence which challenges us, with their pain and their pleas, with their joy which infects us in our close and continuous interaction.”But that reality is more difficult today. When we can block out the ugly sounds of the world with our earphones, our perceptions remain shallow.  When we can skim and scroll through our news, we do not have to internalize the suffering of others and, in turn, prevent ourselves from suffering under the unbearable brokenness of our world. When we can “friend” mere acquaintances or total strangers on social media and then — if necessary — “unfriend” real friends without the hard work of encounter, confrontation and reconciliation, then our relationships become superficial, artificial and incomplete. Today when the news shoves hurt and suffering at us it is hard to block out the reality of our recent loss.  Love is messy, gritty, and at times it hurts but most importantly it requires action.  If you are feeling tested, hurt, tired or depressed, (insert other words here) then, it is a time to learn how to love again. This can go beyond creed or faith. It is an invitation to everyone who wants to find the fullest measure of living. Now is a good time to ask ourselves what we can do to enrich our sense and practice of loving.

But whether we see it or not today, LOVE is still alive. It is alive in anyone who has suffered intense loss and kept moving, who has made the decision to love another with no promise of a reward, who has doubted the existence of God and yet prayed anyway and who has endured suffering for the sake of someone else and found great strength in doing so.

“Blessings on your journey”




Thoughts from the universe

Day 89 – Thoughts from around the universe.

If you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.

Change your thinking to knowing that your life matters, and that you are important. It can be easy sometimes to buy into the illusion of our own insignificance. But nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us matters tremendously. Our very existence affects countless people in countless ways. And because we are each essentially a microcosm of the larger universe, our internal experiences affect the whole of life more than we could ever imagine. The world simply could not exist as it does now if you, or any one of us, were not in it.

Perhaps on some level you believe your life does not matter. If this thought resonates with you, join the club and the journey, it happens to the best of us. This one belief in your own unimportance could be limiting you and impacting your life in enormous ways. When you shift your perceptions around your own ability to affect your life and impact the world, you may discover wonderful parts of yourself that you had long ago forgotten. There may even be exciting new parts that you never even knew existed.

I know what it’s like. I’ve seen it played out a few zillion times: You’re waiting for that magical day when someone makes the connection and recognizes who you really are. Maybe they’ll first catch the sparkle in your eye. Or perhaps they’ll marvel at your insights and the depth of your spirit. Someone who will help you connect the dots, believe in yourself, and make sense of it all. Someone who will understand you, approve of you, and unhesitatingly give you a leg up so that life can pluck your ready, ripened self from the branch of magnificence.


Well, I’m here to tell you, your wait is over. That someone is you.

Good thing you rock,
The Universe

”Blessings on your journey”

Thanks to Daily OM and TUT

Where to next?

Day 88

Yesterday was a great day.  A great day because as I get closer to my commitment of blogging for 100 days I’m becoming more willing to add texture and content about our outer world to the message.  I beleive that a conversation takes place within all of us about life and its issues all the time, and how best to navigate the journey.  There is this crazy spinning around social media, politics, economy, weather, you name it, there is spinning. While I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do after the 100 days I’m excited to have successfully navigated 88 days of dialogue and authentic expression. No one HATES me (ok maybe a few, lol) and I’m OK.  The world has not ended and I feel safe and confident that we will somehow endure.  We can have faith, we can love ourselves and each other and by taking one step at a time make life much easier to navigate.  That is my quest.  After all, the years of our lives do not arrive all at on once, they greet us day by day.  The way we show up for our lives today and tomorrow has an enormous affect on who we will be and what we will be experiencing years from now. If we can remain fully engaged in the day at hand, enjoying all it has to offer and putting our energy into making the most of it, we will find that we are perfectly ready and capable to handle any future when it arrives.

Thank you for coming along on this ride and let me know where you might like to go next.  I realize that it is hard work for everyone, but I am fully committed and willing to engage and learn.  The journey continues and I welcome your thoughts and input.


“Blessings on your journey”


What are we to do?

Day 87

I couldn’t get up fast enough this morning to start writing because the story line has been percolating inside me for some time.  It also conveniently ties into the message from the Course of Miracles today which was, The job of Spirit is to literally heal our faulty perceptions in such a way as to allow true forgiveness to take place. I have been writing about healing for the past few days now and it keeps coming up, so maybe we need to keep hearing it in different ways for it to sink in or make sense.  Although the story line is one of intense and emotional content it is a timely one and will require much more dialogue then you’ll find here.

Today the story line is about the issue of abuse, its cause and effect.  Recently some men have been removed from their jobs for being abusive.  Not sexually as in so many other cases but physically and emotionally abusive to their wives.  These men were employees of the White House and subsequently linked to Donald Trump.  I would like to go on record that I believe abusive behavior is not acceptable in any situation.  I also want to acknowledge that there have been times in my life when I have been abusive.  I have said things, been mean etc. to my kids, wife, employees, parents, friends etc.  While that has not resulted in any physical hurt or injury, it usually leaves scars.  Those scars are still present with me today and keep me aware of what I am capable of, and conversely what I do not want to be or represent in the world.  I also believe our behavior leaves scars on those we love and care for.  While I have done my share of scarring others, I also have been scarred by parents (my mother left me as a baby, my father beat me with his umbrella), friends family etc.  It is part of the human condition and I find it connected to frustration, anger and poor self esteem to name a few .

Every day as we go out in the world we have to choose how we want to live in the world. The message in today’s Course of Miracles reminds me again.  Healing our faulty perceptions and allowing for true forgiveness is a full time job for me.

This past year, I have been in the presence of individuals that have HATE in their hearts for Donald Trump.  I mean real HATE, the kind of hate that turns ones stomach…. as I sit and listen to them I can actually see and feel the hate.  I can even feel it in posts on facebook and it scares me becasue I have never had HATE like that in me for anyone or reason.  I also recently saw a YouTube video of a mother spanking (beating) her child in a shopping mall.  I was going to attach the video but it’s to disturbing.  While I can’t relate to the HATE, as a parent I have had moments when my children have pushed me to the edge of good sense and objective behavior.

What are we to do?

As a society we can take away peoples rights and livelihood, but, are we supposed to be judge and jury for every event that we struggle with or when we witness a moment of ill intended actions.

When the world is in chaos, we can still have our own inner peace and maintain a sense of calm in a sea of unrest. The job of Spirit is to literally heal our faulty perceptions in such a way as to allow true forgiveness to take place. Often, times of confusion are the times that enable us to find that part of ourselves that knows how to cope, and how to be a light to others in the storm. It helps to remember that we don’t need to completely understand what’s happening right now, nor do we need to be able to predict the future. Most of us just want to find our way to being at peace with whatever happens, and we can find this peace inside.  Heal our thinking, to allow true forgiveness.

“Blessings on your journey”


Doing the work

Day 86 from my book “Living and Dying”

Someone once said, “When words are inadequate, have a ritual.” Rituals help us to experience and express our deepest thoughts and feelings about the great events of our life. The funeral ritual has always been a public tradition that enables us to experience and express our faith, as well as our beliefs and feelings about a loved one who has encountered death.

I tell the story of the five-year-old constantly pulling at his mother’s dress as the minister conducted prayers over the casket and open grave. After the prayers were concluded, the minister came over to talk to the mother and the little boy. He asked the boy what the fussing was about. Without any hesitation, he walked over to the hole in the ground and pointed down into the grave at the grave box ready to receive his grandmother’s casket and asked, “Is that Heaven?” Out of the mouths of babes come the most amazing things.

I recall the evening we had to tell our five-year-old son that his Nana died. His response as he sat there in reflection of this information was, “Well, I guess that’s the end of her.” We laughed and it was good. He loved her very much, but he hadn’t had the many years we had had to establish a relationship with her. His five-year-old mind processed very clearly the information conveyed, it was simple to him.

I tell parents over and over, our grief is directly proportionate to the number of years we had shared in a relationship. Although it may have been a special relationship, a five-year-old does not have the emotional or the time investment in the relationship that we do and therefore, one should not expect too much struggle. In my advice to parents I suggest they deal with children at the child’s level, telling them as little as needed and only answering the questions they ask. They will ask more later if needed. Perhaps the most helpful thought I can offer is, as their parent, they are most concerned about you. Your reactions and non-reactions will be their barometer to how they react and behave. You are the focus in their lives when stress and struggle appear. If you are struggling, all they need is some assurance and honesty, and they will respond appropriately.

There is much information out there about the developmental stages of children and their response to loss, and most of this information is very good. Just remember you are the one they want to see healthy, happy and safe. If you do the work necessary for your healing, they will be fine.

”Blessings on you journey”