Happy Easter

Every year the world re-visits the idea of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection story suggest the possibility of life after death. While I have not personally seen actual physical evidence, I have faith, and do believe this is a real possibility. I believe because I have experienced other non physical events that shine the light on the world of energy and spirit.

While I am in no hurry to experience this resurrection event (I can wait), I do believe it will be awe inspiring. I do believe that it will blow my mind and transcend any possible good feeling I have ever experienced in my physical life. I do believe it will connect me with my real home, family and love in a way I’ve have yet to fully experience here. And, I do believe it will be good.

“Blessings on your journey”

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Carry light

There are many people in the world that hold and carry light. When they turn and shine their light towards me, I feel safe, needed and valued. When they turn to go I can never forget how I felt in their presence. And when they turn back I can feel that same familiar light as if it never left.  These people have an outward-looking perspective, they direct their gaze and light beyond themselves and into our living experiences.  Like listening and sharing, they build a framework of existence that is inter-dependent.

Thank You!

Enveloped in Your Light, may I be a beacon to those in search of Light. Sheltered in Your Peace, may I offer shelter to those in need of peace. Embraced by Your Presence, so may I be present to others.


“Blessings on your journey”


I will be OK

I am fine, not bad, not good, fine.  I will be OK.  Even in the midst of todays challenges, I will be OK.  If I die tomorrow, I will be OK.  If anyone else dies tomorrow, I will be Ok.  If my house burns down, I will be OK.  If one of my employees quit, if I fail to connect or satisfy a family in our business for whatever reason, If I fail as a mentor or boss, I will be OK.  If I fail as a husband, father or friend, I will be OK.  (Insert your ideas here!)

I will be OK because I don’t want or choose the other options, and I will learn.

While my thoughts are a little dark today and I don’t naturally want any of the above things to happen, they will to someone.  And while many of life’s changes are scary to me they will also challenge and be scary to others I know.  I also recognize any major changes in my life will change me in different ways.  I will be forced out, or have to step out of  my comfort zone into areas that make me stretch, take risks, and possibly even enter areas with unknown consequences and results.

First, I will practice stretching outside of my comfort zone (ex. blogging)  When I’m comfortable living in the stretch zone, I will practice in the risk zone (ex. writing a book).  When I’m comfortable living in the risk zone, I will move out into the unknown zone (TBD)  My goal is to be so comfortable at living in the unknown area (my new comfort zone) that there would be nothing that could concern, scare of worry me.  Join me!!

”Blessings on your journey”


Lifes energy

From one of my mentors:

Life energy flows through us like a swift stream, when there is nothing to obstruct it.
The essence of all being is energy. Our physical and ethereal selves depend on the unrestricted flow of life energy that is the source of wholeness and wellness. Though the channels through which this energy flows are open systems and influenced by factors outside of our control, we ultimately choose what impact these will have in our lives. It is up to us to identify and clear blockages in the energy field to ensure that flow is maintained. A healthy, grounded individual absorbs some portion of the energy emitted by other people and the environment, but this does not interrupt the continuous stream of balanced energy sustaining them. The same individual copes constructively with stress and upset, and they are not subject to the stagnation that frequently goes hand in hand with negativity. When we keep the energy in and around our bodies flowing harmoniously, we are naturally healthy, vibrant, and peaceful.

I have always believed what Madisyn speaks of, and some days my energy feild  flows better than others.  When I carry around thoughts like, I’m broken, I’m not good enough or it won’t help, I restrict the the flow of life’s energy through me and around me.  When I allow my self to be affected by the energy’s in the environment around me, it can also pull me off my center. I find it to be a constant balancing act that never stops, is totally dynamic and ever changing.

When life’s energy flows through me like a swift stream and there is nothing to obstruct it, nothing seems impossible, everything is an opportunity, and I feel very good.  And, when it doesn’t it pisses me off and I get back into thoughts of I’m not good enough, I’m broken etc.

To lessen the impact of life’s events I try to cultivate simple yet affirmative habits such as writing, meditating, yoga, spiritual studies, staying healthy through exercise and healthy eating, and a conscious effort as to how I’m feeling.  For many years I had shut off the feeling component of my life thinking that true spirituality, empowerment and enlightenment came about without feeling.  Shutting it down was easy because I learned to do it as a child, yet turning it back on has been difficult.  It’s like learning about life all over again. What I am learning is that being in this illusionary body and having this illusionary experience causes me to have feelings and they have an impact.  Hah!

As Madisyn goes on to say:

A strong and fluid energy field is the key that unlocks the doors of self-healing and peace of mind. Your awareness of the flow of energy sustaining you empowers you to take charge of your own well-being by taking steps to unblock, correct, and enhance that flow. Fear will likely be the culprit when you cannot identify the source of stagnation–you may simply be afraid to let go of what is obstructing the flow. Letting go can be challenging, but the exuberance you will feel when the flow is restored will be a welcome and blessed reward.

”Blessings on your journey”



My horoscope today in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reads like this:         The desire for perfection is a prison. The need for acceptance is a prison. The shame of un-realized goals or past mistakes or current shortcomings are a prison. You hold the keys, Break free.

I thought it was a little unusual for a daily horoscope but a timely message as I re-enter from being away this past weekend.  Our desire to improve conditions is part of the grand puzzle of life.  We’re constantly being called to step up and break free, free from the illusion of separation created by good and the bad.  By ‘perfection’, we’re not just talking about things that makes use warm, fluffy, fuzzy, and happy inside. That would only be half — at best — of the grand puzzle.

I’m talking famines, lice, tics, rashes, poverty, cancer, senseless crime, fraud, deceit, bad coffee, warm beer, the botched haircuts, reruns of Maury Povich at the dentist, and stubbed toes.

I’m also talking about that unexpected windfall from your childless aunt, all green lights on the way to work, that perfect parking spot at Whole Foods (coming soon!!), expressed love from your child, winning at Banana Grams, and groundbreaking conversations.

And sandwiched in between all those things is…You and me. In that sacred space lives our innate desire to improve conditions.

Our spiritual teachers and leaders have long pointed to the notion that every single thing is an integral part of the perfection that is… life.

This won’t ever stop. Life won’t ever stop asking for more through us.

So we may as well just relax into our roles, right? Stop stressing about it so much.

Maybe then we could just put one foot in front of the other and engage with life knowing this isn’t some urgent race towards a finish line, but rather a surrendering to a divine tug that pulls us towards the next step of our unfoldment in this ever-expanding universe.

We hold the keys.

”Blessings on your journey”


Credits to Jonas Ellison for more inspiration today!