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Mark Anthony has written a book that is so unique, you will never read another like it. He’s a funeral director. But it’s not a book about “My life within the funeral profession,” or “Behind the scenes in the funeral business,” or even his musings on how he copes with his profession. The title says it well. It’s about living and dying.

This is a clear and direct exposition of what he’s come to believe about life during this exceptional, eyes-wide-open stream of experience in dealing with death. The intensity of it has drawn him in to the roots and branches of our families, our strengths and weaknesses, our days of clarity, our nights of blindness. He has found interest and learning in unexpected places, and brings them to our attention. And he shows us important differences in the way we live and die. He states his conclusions, too.

Bob Cannan CEO, Eagle Productivity Solutions

W. Kenneth Williams, retired pastor, First Baptist Church of Rochester, NY

This book is a meeting place of science and theology, traditional culture and recent innovations, religious rituals and emotional need. But it is, first and foremost, a personal testimony offered in compelling story. It is Mark Anthony’s story, and his ruminations about life, loss, rituals surrounding death, and the emotional connections that build and support human community Readers from all walks of life will be enriched, and communities will be strengthened, and healing of the bereaved will take place because Mark Anthony has chosen to tell his story.


W. Kenneth Williams, retired pastor, First Baptist Church of Rochester, NY, and Chaplain Emeritus, Brighton Fire Department, Brighton, NY. Williams has served as grief counselor in pastoral practice and as critical incident stress management consultant for emergency services. He resides in Durham, North Carolina.

Living and Dying – The book

Message from Mark,


Please take a moment to read my new book.

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“His words of wisdom in this insightful book will help the readers befriend loss, grief, and death so that they might truly live their precious days here on earth”.

Dr. Alan Wolfelt

“Encourager, courageous, bold, compassionate, interesting. These are words that come to mind as I reflect on my experience with Mark Anthony’s latest work…and it’s an experience as much as it is enlightenment”.

Alan Creedy

“With warmth, compassion, candor and humor, Mark weaves together a tapestry that considers death, consolation, family struggles, abandonment, joy, pure love and a host of other human experiences”.

Dr. William G. Hoy

“Everyone will be able to move one step closer to healing when they read this thoughtful story”.

Mark Cuddy

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It is my goal to create a page that is worthy of your valuable time.  Being a transformational guide in funeral service has led me to examine and test different theories and beliefs about life and death.  This space is dedicated to the challenge of experiencing transformational change – changing from old normals to new normals as a result of change in our lives.  With hope and love at its center, we celebrate and honor the journey.  Blessings on your journey.